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LottoPlays Affiliates earn 20% on unlimited referrals

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Being a LottoPlays Affiliate:

After becoming a LottoPlays Affiliate (through Rewardful), use your unique affiliate link to promote LottoPlays so we can track who you send. We're able to track who you send for 30 days. If you send someone to LottoPlays with your link but they sign-up weeks later, you'll get credit!

Be sure to use our official marketing assets (logos, ads, & images) so you can cleanly & professionally share LottoPlays with your audience.

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We’ll allow affiliates to screen-share LottoPlays when logged in and show some screenshots of the LottoPlays dashboards, but we ask that you do this sparingly. Our goal is to create mutual benefit. We want you excited and happy to share LottoPlays in a positive manner.

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Existing LottoPlays Affiliates can view their referrals & commissions or edit their affiliate link by logging into their Rewardful account here:

Social media influencers:

If you have a large following relevant to LottoPlays, email us at and we can create unique coupon codes for you to provide added value to your audience! If we’re a good fit, we can also provide you with a free-for-life membership to LottoPlays! (no card required, no strings attached) We want you to be happy and enthusiastic to share LottoPlays with your audience regularly.

Convenience stores:

After you've registered to become a LottoPlays affiliate (thru Rewardful), send us your unique LottoPlays affiliate link using this form. In return, we will email you various QR code signs that are tied to your unique affiliate link for you to print & post in your store(s). These will help you easily capture & effortlessly get credit for referrals that you send to LottoPlays.

* By becoming a LottoPlays Affiliate, you agree to the following terms & conditions:
LottoPlays Affiliates agree to not run any Google, Bing, or any other search engine advertising campaigns targeting LottoPlays brand or keywords. LottoPlays Affiliates also agree to not run any Facebook, YouTube, or other social media advertising campaigns targeting LottoPlays brand or keywords. LottoPlays Affiliates agree to not hold LottoPlays or any of its members responsible or liable for any action or events. LottoPlays does not sell tickets, casino games, or gambling games. LottoPlays provides lottery data. LottoPlays Affiliates are aware that LottoPlays may be considered a gaming & gambling industry website and agree to accept any and all risks. LottoPlays Affiliates agree to not condone underage gambling and will only promote responsibly to US adults age 18 or older. LottoPlays Affiliates can earn 20% of sales for unlimited referrals for the 1st 12-months that each referred customer pays. LottoPlays Affiliates agree to promote LottoPlays in a positive & professional manner.

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