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Lottery players shoot in the dark, go with their gut, bet on a hunch, & buy based on superstitions, look or feel. Odds & returns vary between tickets and change drastically during the life of each game. Know the best & worst games to play at any time using our data power!

Data UPDATES DAILY from official state lotteries.

Know which tickets should RETURN MORE & which to avoid.

Know which tickets have better LIVE ODDS for various prizes.

Live Scratch Ticket Data + PowerBall + MegaMillions

LottoPlays is constantly improving. We're adding new states, pick games data, winner location data, & more. Dark blue states on the map have live scratch-off data now; light blue states have live scratcher data being added next. Join our mailing list for special announcements, new state launches, new features, & free data analytics sent to your email.

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What our users think...

"Found out my 'lucky' ticket is actually one of the least likely winners in all of Texas - happy to find a new favorite!"
- Deana, TX
"I just want to say thank you for this. I won 2 X $200 wins from '$100 $200 Frenzy' because it had a higher return and I tried. I spent $70 for $400."
- @LeoWasHere, FL
"Anyone buying a scratch-off ticket owes it to themselves to know the better tickets to buy! No more guessing!"
- Eric S, CA

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Does LottoPlays sell scratch tickets? Is LottoPlays a gambling website?

No. LottoPlays does not sell scratch tickets nor does LottoPlays provide gambling or gaming. LottoPlays provides lottery data for users to play smarter and gain an edge.

How often is LottoPlays data updated?

LottoPlays data updates as official state lottery data updates. Typically state lotteries update their data daily. LottoPlays data updates throughout the day so that changes are caught quickly.

Is LottoPlays worth it? Does the data really make any difference?

The following was feedback from a real customer - @Fettuccine15 on Reddit

"If LottoPlays saves me from buying just one dud $5 ticket per month then it's worth the $4...and there are plenty of dud tickets to avoid. There's a lot of tickets to avoid but there are a few tickets to really go for too. LottoPlays narrows my choices so I don't feel like I'm guessing. Like the MIT team in the movie 21, they don't just play blackjack, they play certain tables of blackjack based on the live data.

It gets really exciting when there's not a lot of tickets left in circulation for a game but there's still big prizes remaining. LottoPlays even shows which tickets are "closed" but still "redeemable" until they're "expired."

LottoPlays helps me buy based on opportunities in the data instead of buying based on my hunches that never seem to be satisfied - a much healthier approach to gambling. If I'm in the mood to just buy a ticket and test my luck then LottoPlays helps me decide which ticket(s) to buy over others. It especially helps when a cheaper ticket is showing better returns than a more expensive ticket. 

Ultimately, LottoPlays helps me feel satisfied with my tries! Even though I know I'm likely going to lose, it helps me feel satisfied knowing I played smarter based on the live data. LottoPlays reduces my 2nd guessing & regret which would have led me to shoot in the dark more. It makes me feel better when I have some sort of strategy and system with data in place that gives me an edge.

I'm going to buy scratch tickets regardless and I know I'm likely going to lose, but you can’t win without playing! I want to take every edge I can get! Tally how much you really spend on scratch tickets each month or year. I say you owe it to yourself to spend less than a ticket for live data insight. Lose less and win more! Best of luck!"

I can see the top prizes remaining online for free...what’s the difference with LottoPlays?

Consider this simplified example to understand one reason why LottoPlays data is more valuable.

Online it might say that Ticket A has 3x $1M prizes remaining while Ticket B has 2x $1M prizes remaining.

Without LottoPlays data you would think Ticket A has better chances to win $1M
...since 3x $1M tickets for A is more than 2x $1M tickets for B. The information you don’t have is how many total tickets are left for each game. Using statistics and official state lottery data, LottoPlays is able to accurately gauge how many total tickets are left for each game. Ticket A might have 3x $1M prizes remaining but 6M total tickets currently left for sale, while Ticket B has 2x $1M prizes remaining but only 2M total tickets currently left for sale. You would actually be more likely to win $1M with Ticket B since 2x $1M tickets out of 2M is 1 in 1,000,000 odds for Ticket B while 3x $1M tickets out of 6M is 1 in 2,000,000 odds for Ticket A. Only using LottoPlays would you know that Ticket B has better odds to win $1M.

Not playing for $1M? LottoPlays tells you which tickets have better odds to win $100, $500, $1K, $10K, or $100K too!

This is one reason why it pays to have the LottoPlays data. There are several prize tiers to factor in, several different games to choose from that vary greatly, and data that updates from the state lotteries daily. LottoPlays crunches all of it for you into live interactive dashboards and simple tables so you can play smarter whenever you get the itch to scratch.