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Take the guesswork out of playing scratch offs! We source the latest lotto data, crunch the numbers, and organize them into top lists for you to play smarter.

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Turn the odds in your favor by playing scratch-offs smarter.

Lottery players shoot in the dark, go with their gut, bet on a hunch, and buy based on look or feel. Rates of return vary between tickets and change drastically throughout the lifetime of each game. Know the best games to play at any time using our data-powered lists.

Data updates daily from each official state lottery.

Know which tickets have the best return and which to avoid.

See which tickets have the highest odds to win top prizes.

Available in 18 states, and now with PowerBall & MegaMillions!

LottoPlays is constantly improving. We will be adding new states as well as more data analytics. The solid blue states on the map have live data available now. Join our mailing list to know when new states go live, new features are released, and for free ticket analysis sent directly to your email.

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"Found out my 'lucky' ticket is actually one of the least likely winners in all of Florida- happy to find a new favorite!"
-Laura J, FL
"Was a bit skeptical at first, but sure enough one of the first couple $2 tickets I bought based on the data here ended up being a winner!
-Edward M, CA
"Anyone buying a scratch-off ticket owes it to themselves to know the better tickets to buy- no more guessing!"
-Eric S, FL

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